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Name:Sanctuary Of Change (a roleplay)
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:Select Members
Community description:A community roleplay about a nuclear accident that grants some people powers.


A rolepaying community based in the gutted, damaged buildings in the UK after a nuclear power plant in Northern France released radiation across several neighboring countries. A lot of people were killed, but those that survived were all Changed - mutated in some way. Quarantined from an outside world that is fearful and suspicious of the activities inside from their 'deformed' fellow humans, their community at first collapses in on itself. A fight for survival (and companionship) is fought both inside and outside the walls of the Quarantined areas, as sometimes the changed people are actually something to fear...

Set in a contained area in the southern part of England, Sanctuary of Change allows you to develop characters with powers that they can learn to harness over time, along with a political and social storyline going on concerning their relations with the outside world. You can ignore or embrace the on-going plot arcs with the outsiders as much as you (or your character/s) would like. There's also just plenty of opportunity to let yourself focus on your character's personal turmoil and difficulties in this nearly post-apocalyptic setting...because for those inside the Quarantined areas, it really is the end of the world.


This is a panfandom roleplaying community, so any character from any show, movie, manga, book, etc is allowed. Original characters and even real people are also accepted, with just a few short rules:

☢ If your character does not have a real-life "played-by"/PB, as in the case of book characters or animated ones, we'd like you to give a quick physical description of them. You may also simply choose a PB for them, but it's not a requirement - if you prefer keeping your anime character without a real-life PB, for example, that's okay.

☢ Please, no younger than about 15/16, though there's no upper age limit.

☢ The limit for number of characters per roleplayer is three.

☢ As an aside, in a roleplay setting like this, it's conceivable that characters could die. Thus, if you wish to have your character die in the RP canon (for whatever reason you want, between plot device to an exit from the roleplay), you must have it approved by a mod first, with a reason explained. It's less of asking permission, and more of having the mod's up to speed on what's going on and why the character is disappearing.

☢ The mods like to not be dicksdictators, and so if you're really set against a particular rule, or have questions/don't understand a rule/we sound like morons about something, feel free to message us or leave a comment anywhere about the comm and we'll be glad to discuss it. :)


The journals are for your characters to use as their own (to talk about anything you think your character would wish to discuss) and to casually interact with other characters IC. All we ask is for occasional OOC chronicle posts to you character's journal with updates on their own storylines, as to keep everyone updated on what's going on. It's difficult to approach characters when one can't find context to their journal entries! (We suggest you tag your OOC chronicle posts appropriately [!occ: chronicle post, for example], for ease of finding older posts.)

Roleplaying is not conducted through threads via the community like many others, but through Skype, and email as a secondary option. You can post your RP logs as your chronicle posts once your plots have completed, or just write a narrative.


If you don't have/want to make a character journal to initially apply, that's fine, and you're welcome to comment to the applications post using a personal dreamwidth account or with Open ID.

If you're having trouble getting hold of an invite code, we recommend you check out this community or contact a mod (simply comment asking for a code and we will provide one in a responding comment/PM/email, etc). We want making an account to be an easy process for our members! Currently, Dreamwidth accounts do not require invite codes!

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